Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Alrewas bound

We pulled pins on Wednesday at 07.15 with the aim of getting through Atherstone locks as quickly as possible as we were told they can get very busy. We started OK but then had to keep waiting for a boat and butty that were 3 boats in front of us. It turned out that the butty was very old and had spread it's beam making it very tight in the locks and it kept getting stuck. We eventually got through the last of the 11 locks at 10.45.

                         Atherstone locks ,Being assisted by a kind CaRT volunteer.

         After a long and slow day of cruising we managed to find this mooring for the night right outside the pub at Hopwas.

   Not long after mooring this boat pulled up behind us. We thought we might have a noisy night.

It was then an early start on Thursday as we wanted to try and get a good mooring in Alrewas.

        Saw this boat on route.  My old man is called Kenneth and the boat is probably as old as him.
Carolyn working the swing bridge at Fradley junction. Then it was a right turn and onto the Trent and Mersey canal.
We were very lucky when we got to Alrewas as this was the only empty mooring and it was a 14 day one. It was right beside the bowling green and the church....Perfect...
  After another long day and with the weather so hot there was only one thing to do after mooring. (Visit the Crown inn) .And they didn't touch the sides. "Your round next Carolyn"

How bizarre. As I was speaking to my darling little sister on the phone this boat went by. She is also called Sharon.

                                Carolyn thought this boat name was funny. But I just don't get it.


The churchyard in Alrewas is one of the best kept we have seen on our travels and Carolyn was so impressed with it she is going to enquire about a plot for me .....I'm not sure why, maybe she knows something I don't.

If you ever speak to narrowboaters about going to Alrewas everyone of them tells you to visit the butchers in the main street. All the produce is sourced locally and they even slaughter their own meat on site. Well worth a visit......... And we did several times

We have decided to spend a few days here. We have been to Alrewas before when we hired a boat several years ago and enjoyed the village very much. Now we have more time on our hands we intend to enjoy it a bit more. One thing we are determined to do is to go to the National Arboretum as we have been told it is a very moving place to visit. 

So tonight it is the biggest rump steak you have ever seen with Carolyn's cream sauce and washed down with a bottle or two of an Australian Merlot

                           Happy days


  1. Glad to see I got a mention! Gabbs very often reads your blogs and is now waiting for a picture of a boat with her name on.............hope you enjoyed the steak :)

  2. Ok
    ...Will look for a boat called Gabbers , but have not seen one yet. Not found a Liam either....Steak went down a treat.