Wednesday, 14 August 2013


It was an early start on Saturday morning as we wanted to get through Blisworth before the festival started.

           07.00 on Saturday morning coming up through the top lock into Stoke Bruerne.

We got through Blisworth tunnel without meeting another boat and soon got through Blissworth although it was tight in places with boats moored 3 abreast.
We topped up with water at Gayton junction and then moved on to Bugbrooke.

 As soon as we arrived at Bugbrooke Curly wanted to go on a bike ride and look at the trains. So we rode back to the footbridge which crosses the railway.

 The leaning Pendolino trains travelling at over 100 mph.

Monday morning and it was off again, this time heading to Whilton where we wanted to pick a few things up in the chandlers. On route we stopped off on the moorings above the church at Weedon bec for Carolyn and Curly to pick up a few supplies in the village.

                                             It looked like someone was living on this boat.

We forgot how noisy it was to moor at Whilton as you have the M1 motorway on one side of you and the railway on the other so it was an early night on Monday and an early start on Tuesday as we wanted to get to Braunston . The journey involved 13 locks and one tunnel.

                                            Duck on guard at the Buckby flight of 7 locks.

                                             Curly thought this poster was very funny.

                    And Carolyn thought this boat name was funny ........   but I don't get it .

We met 4 boats going through the 2024 yards of Braunston tunnel and the first one we met was right on the kink in the tunnel. Even with us going at tick over and the other boat going very slow we did touch our bows.  We soon arrived at the top of Braunston locks . The 6 locks drop you down 35 ft into the village of Braunston. There was a cart volunteer on duty on the flight but all he did was stood back and watch us lock all the way down through the flight. Most of the volunteers we have met elsewhere have been very helpful.
When we eventually arrived at Braunston we managed to get a mooring just along from The Mill house pub .So the evening was spent having a meal in the pub.

On Wednesday we walked the half a mile into Braunston village to get some meat and home made pickle at the local butchers.

                                    Curly under going training by her expert Nan in how to shop.

It was then back to Inca and we pulled pins at 10.30 and left The Grand Union canal and headed north on the Oxford canal towards Rugby.

                                    Our mooring for the night just before Hillmorton locks.

Tomorrow we will go through the locks and travel through Rugby as on Friday we have number 1 daughter Chloe coming to pick up Curly. So we will soon have to find somewhere safe for her to park my old car. (did I mention before she got it for free).

See you on Friday Chloe...............

                                                        Happy days


  1. Hi GP and Mrs GP and family GP, seems like all all is well in the midlands if thats the correct area name. Rugby i guess is there or thereabouts. Glad there are fewer STW pictures Gary !!! . Question - can you get SKY TV ? will you manage now the football season starts and question from Mrs David...who cooks and how small is the kitchen !!.
    Looking forwards to the next update- apologies for not posting for a while but all very busy- unlike you retired people. Choo Choo .

  2. Hello David
    Good to hear from you.

    Now gone through Rugby and heading north.

    As for Sky TV ,my dear old mum and dad have Sky tv and there is this brilliant thing called Sky go which they kindly signed up for. So it was possible for me to watch the great Spurs win their opening game. As long as we have a good 3g signal we can watch sky tv. We also have free view satelite and digital through a normal aerial.

    Will put some pictures of the Galley (Carolyn's kitchen) on the blog.