Friday, 29 March 2013

First load

Some how i don't think everything is going to fit into the boat even though we have reduced what we are going to take. One good idea is vac bags  you fill them with clothes seal them then suck out the air with a hoover, we bought about 20 of them and soon filled them with clothes we will probably never wear again.

                                                      Vac bags in action

With the car nearly loaded it will be an early morning as it is a two and a half hour trip from Paignton to Upton upon Severn. Coming with us tomorrow will be Chloe and Curly ( daughter and granddaughter ) they have never seen a narrow boat before so their reaction will be interesting.


  1. Have just spoken to Abbie and she said she had a lovely time and told me the code for when she takes me there...................

    1. You better go before Monday because they change the code every month.