Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Survey


 After years of planning and months of searching we finally find the boat for us. A 58 foot semi trad narrowboat called Inca.

Inca in dry dock being surveyed at Frampton on Severn.

Looks small against the widebeam that is also in the dock.

Being only 3 years old the survey went ok apart from the hull epoxy coating which is flaking off in a few places. It was decided to have the hull grit blasted and then 2 coats of epoxy coating painted on.
Only problem with that was as there was another boat in the dry dock it could not be done because of the damage the grit can do. The decision was made to scrape all the flaky paint off and put on 2 coats of hard tar blacking to protect the hull then grit blast and re-epoxy at a later date. 

A view of the semitrad stern.

And a view of the bow.

Chris the surveyor.

With a satisfactory survey carried out and a price agreed with the owner we now have a boat.



  1. all the best to you both, by the way can we book 2 weeks in August?

  2. Thanks Simps
    August booked this year how about next year?.

  3. Hi gary
    I know what to do now lol