Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bet it’s cold in Winter


IMG_0197The one question we get asked more than any is “I bet it’s cold in Winter” . Well last night was one of the coldest nights of the year and as you can see at seven minutes past two in the morning ( yes I’m getting old and have to get out and have a pee in the middle of the night ) it was minus 6.5 deg out and 21.2 deg half way up the boat with the bedroom at the end being just over 19 deg. On Inca we have spray foam insulation as well as central heating and double glazing which helps retain the heat.

IMG_0202Our main source of heat is our Morso multi fuel stove. We are burning Excel coal and when its really cold we will burn just over 2 bags a week at £10 a bag. Normally if we can find any wood to supplement the coal it would be just over a bag a week when it’s not so cold. We also have the stove fan on top that blows the hot air down the far end of the boat to the bedroom.

IMG_0200We also have a plan B as I always promised Carolyn she would never ever be cold on Inca. If it gets to minus double figures we have the luxury of two more stove fans giving us a total of three fans to keep her Ladyship warm and toasty. But I cant see us ever using them ,although you never know !

                                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. Hi there, loving the blog. Particularly like the look of your thermometer - what make is it please, and where did you find it as it's very easy to read and has all we'd want on it too?
    Cheers & best wishes,
    Clive & Liz NB No Problem (yes, Sue & Vics old boat)

    1. Hi Clive and Liz . It seems a long time since we last saw you at Debdale . Hope living on No Problem is as good as you thought it would be , I'm sure it is !! Hopefully we will meet up on the cut sometime . The thermometer is made by Techno line and I think we got it on eBay ,only about £15 .. Regards Gary and Carolyn