Sunday, 7 February 2016



IMG_2054We decided to have a bus ride into Daventry and do a bit of shopping in the town. Its only 20 minutes on the bus from Braunston and costs £3.60p return and conveniently the bus stops outside Tesco ,so its not far to carry the shopping. After a walk around Daventry and a rather large Tesco shop we waited for the bus to take us back to Braunston. It arrived on time but the gearbox decided to pack up when the driver engaged reverse making us late back to Braunston after they eventually fixed the problem. Its not that often that I go on a bus but this is the second time in recent months that this has happened .

IMG_2072                                                         Back at Braunston and I couldn't agree more with this boat name.

IMG_2075                            After all the floods in the North of the country Canal and River Trust have launched this appeal for help in rebuilding .

IMG_2078Here we go again and its service time on our Beta 43 engine. This one is a big service where we replace the engine oil and filter, Gearbox oil, fuel filter and air cleaner filter plus put some grease in the Volvo stern seal. As you can see the volvo stern seal is now nearly 6 years old and has done over 3000 hours and still doesen’t drip any water. . After the service and me getting oil everywhere my number one assistant who is a lot smaller and agile than me clambered down and cleaned up the mess that I had made… Thanks Carolyn.

IMG_2079After hitting so many underwater objects on our journey around the canal system and putting our propeller well out of shape we have decided to get a new one fitted. At one time one of the blades was bent so bad that I had to go down the weed hatch with a large pair of grips and bend it back .The prop we have at the moment is a Vetus one and it is an 18x12. The only problem is that the shaft is 30mm and not a standard inch and a quarter or inch and a half size,so we had to order one instead of being able to buy it of the shelf at a chandlery. there is also a bit of play on the rear shaft bearing so we will replace that at the same time. We will also have a new flue installed on our stove at the same time to replace our existing one that is full of holes.

Looks like we will soon have to raid the poor old piggy bank to pay for this little lot, but as the boat name said…… wy worry !!


                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. Have you ever thought of having a prop guard fitted ? I realise that there are pros and cons however, having one might save the prop from being damaged.

    1. Hi Heron's view. Thanks for the idea . I have looked in to it and can find loads on outboard prop guards but none on narrowboats. If you can send a link to a Narrowboat guard I would certainly look into fitting one..