Friday, 12 February 2016

Ouch that hurt !


IMG_2161After a night with no stove due to the sealant needing time to go off on our new flue we had a night of electric heat courtesy of shore power.I was surprised that the Eco fan worked on top of our 400 Watt heater.

IMG_2198Eventually the new Cutlass bearing arrived and was installed successfully this time by Justin Then our lovely new prop was fitted. Looking good and I wonder how long it will shine like this.

IMG_2078When the drive shaft was pushed back in it was discovered that the engine was a long way out of alignment and had dropped down on the engine mounts. Luckily it is very easy to adjust and Justin soon had it all back and lined up correctly.

IMG_2152I read somewhere that the old boatmen used to put an old penny in the rudder cup to make the steering of their working boats a lot lighter. So not having any old pennies I thought I would try a 2 pence coin instead .I will report back later if it worked on Inca.

IMG_2235At last Inca is dropped back into the water with a very old but reliable Ford digger.

IMG_2244Then Inca’s under carriage for the last couple of days is pulled back ashore .

After settling up the bill (Ouch that hurt ! ) and reversing back out into the canal with a bit of help from the Girlie button we are on our way again. The plan is to head North towards Rugby for a few days and wait for the arrival of Number one Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) who is up with us for the half term break . We then have to head up The Grand Union Canal Leicester section and to Debdale Wharf near Market Harborough for Inca to come out of the water yet again, but more about that when it happens.

                                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. no pubs for a while after that bill then zeus

    1. Correct , No pubs for a day or two...Luckily the wine cellar is reasonably stocked ...