Tuesday, 16 February 2016

One for sorrow


IMG_2262 Back into the water after having our new prop fitted and we cruised a mile or so outside of Braunston and picked up this mooring. We were soon joined by our friends Ann and Keith on Nb Oakfield. We had a couple of peaceful days here with loads of Sun for the solar panels . As always it was afternoon tea on each others boats and a good old catch up and putting the world to rights. After a couple of days it was time to pull pins and move on.

IMG_2289One for sorrow ,two for joy. You know the rest. We passed these on the way to Rugby, there were 4 birds that flew off before I got this picture, so that makes 13 , I know the rhyme for up to 10 because of the old TV programme Magpie ,but 13 anyone ?

IMG_2298You know when you are getting close to Rugby . The smoke from the cement factory can be seen from miles away.

IMG_2299Wow ! What a result. All that money spent on netting 10 acres of land to catch some three fingy newts for a new housing estate at Hillmorton and it catches more Rabbits than Newts.

IMG_2302Anyone lost a bike. If I had a pound for every bike that we have seen pulled out of the canal it would have paid for our new propeller.

IMG_2312With Brownsover moorings being almost deserted we picked up this one on the park side. We should only be here for a day or so to allow for Granddaughter Curly to meet up with us.

We have now cruised for a few hours with the new propeller and I must say that I am well pleased with it. Our old prop was an 18X12 ,but we were told that it might be better to go with an 18X13 which we did. We now have no vibration or noise and it is just so smooth. Money well spent me thinks !!

                                                                                                                   Happy Days

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