Tuesday, 24 October 2017



With Carolyn back in Devon for a couple of days me and the Lad Hamish have spent hours walking around the local area. The picture above is the lock landing to get off the river Trent and back onto the canal at Alrewas . Strange how an idiot angler should set up right in the middle of the landing . He even has his wife with him who is happily knitting away.


What a lovely looking Swan and how lucky was I to get that reflection .


I do need to get myself a book on Fungi especially one which tells me the safe ones to eat.We often find field Mushrooms which we pick and eat and they taste so much better than shop bought ones. These in the picture above look like they would be delicious but I don't think I could take a chance on eating them without knowing exactly what they are .


These look like they would be alright as well . No doubt someone out there that knows about them would tell me that I would be 6 feet under if I was to eat them.

With Carolyn back tomorrow we will stock Inca up from the village shops and continue our way down South for the Winter.

                                                                                                        Happy Days


  1. Gary I thought you would have known that fish are attracted to white bollards! :-)

    1. You are spot on there Tom and Jan ,seems that it’s better than any sort of ground bait. Ps Are you missing the UK and the cut ? You certainly seem to be getting on well back in Aus.

  2. Jan misses the boat terribly. No lock-side or tow path chats. No friendly boating community. No swan's neck through the side hatch or ducks pecking on the side of the boat at 5am (well I don't miss that last one!)

  3. I just asked about you stopping boating as I don’t think it will be that long before we join you back on dry land . I think Carolyn won’t have a problem with it but I know that I will.