Thursday, 19 October 2017



We pulled pins from Branston at 08.40 and were soon at Branston lock where I was well impressed with this fence. Being an ex mechanic its always good to see old engine parts being put to good use


The lock cottage at Branston lock does B&B and has to be a great place to stay if you enjoy canals.


Number one Lock wheeler Carolyn preparing the lock.


After a good cruise we dropped back down on the the river Trent for the one mile section between Wychnor and Alrewas  . This probably be the last bit of river we do for some time as it is all canals heading South after here.Passing the church we discovered that   "Wichnor (Wychnor), or Whichnour, is a scattered village, township and chapelry, forming the south end of Tatenhill parish, six and a half miles SW of Burton-upon-Trent and the same distance NE of Lichfield. The whole belongs to the lord of the manor, John Levett, Esq, of Wichnor Lodge, a handsome mansion, seated in a beautiful park of 300 acres, on the north bank of the Trent.
The river Trent here runs in two circuitous streams, crossed by a range of noble aqueducts, forming part of the canal, and by a stone bridge, of many arches and culverts, on the Lichfield and Burton road, which latter is the Icknield Street of the Romans. Near the bridge is an iron forge, established about 90 years ago. King James I visited Wichnor, on August 21st, 1621, and held a court at the hall, and he dined there again on August 19th, 1624. The corn mills here were burnt down in 1596." It’s another one of those places that you pass and never seem to go and explore , maybe one day.


Not a brilliant picture of a Kingfisher but I will endeavour to get a better one.


As we come off the short river section Carolyn locks us up in to the village of Alrewas. As you can see the river is on green boards which means it is safe to navigate .


After winding we picked up this 14 day mooring which is just a short stroll from the village . With a Chippie and a Chinese takeaway it will be a tough decision of what to have for dinner tonight .With Carolyn heading back down to Devon for a couple or three days or more and me having all I need here I will wait in this lovely village for her return.

                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. With that posh new camera I thought you would have got a better photo of the Kingfisher!

    1. It was very fast and I am getting very slow . I will keep practicing .