Monday, 23 November 2015

Pop up Loo


IMG_0695For some bizarre reason I have always wanted to visit a certain studio in London. From the Beatles to Beyoncé, Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, from the Undertones to the late Bing Crosby: over the last 75 years, one British studio can claim to have recorded more famous artists than any other. Less than a mile from the world-famous EMI studios at Abbey Road, this is the Delaware Road home of the BBC's Maida Vale Studios.

IMG_0693Well , there wasn't a lot to see and I didn't meet any of those famous people mentioned above ,but at least I got a selfie and have ticked off another box of the places I want to visit.

IMG_0697Its no good locking your bike to a post in London .The thieving little gits will nick everything except the frame and a buckled front wheel.

IMG_0783After meeting Ray and Diane (nb Ferndale) for lunch in Merchant square we ended up at the Dickens Pub in London street, Paddington. We had three most enjoyable hours in their company and talked about everything boating and life in general. With us all heading in the same direction we really look forward to meeting up with them again.

IMG_0785Thank goodness for this pop up loo at Paddington , as there was no chance of myself or Ray making it back to our boats after an afternoon of drinking. The pop-up hydraulic UriLift urinal can be raised out of the ground for use when needed . I did wonder what would happen if it decided to pop back down while you were using it.. Mind you I don't know what the girls are meant to do if they get caught short….

                                                                                                       Happy Days