Sunday, 6 August 2017

Crash bang wallop

IMG_5571We pulled pins from our mooring at 07.20 and started our cruise to Alrewas . With it being a beautiful morning and in no hurry we just plodded along at 1,000 revs. We were soon at Woodend lock which has been described by many as one of the most picturesque locks on the system . HS2 was meant to be coming right through here but I think it has now been diverted ,at least I hope it has.

IMG_5574Dropping down in to Fradley junction and it’s chaos as usual . What makes it so bad here is that for some bizarre reason Canal and River Trust have permanent moorings right below this lock on the left which always causes problems on this busy junction. It’s amazing how so many boaters loose their tempers when something like this happens. At the end of the day it’s just all a part of boating and you have to just get on with it and smile.

IMG_5579With the Coventry canal on the right we continue on down the locks towards Alrewas . Talking to the Lockie on the next lock down he was telling us about the moorings outside the pub and shop . It seems that they are now charging 60 pence per foot for the night to moor outside the pub/shop needless to say there’s a lot of bad feeling from boaters.

IMG_5586After using the services at Fradley we then managed to pick up this mooring on the 14 day ones in Alrewas . We need to spend a few days here so Carolyn can go back down to Devon so this will be just the ticket for me and Hamish.

IMG_5610Behind our mooring there is a sharp bend in the canal and the trees have been allowed to grow out in to the canal making it very difficult to get around . It’s even worse when two boats meet on the corner and crash in to each other like these did. Never mind it’s a bit free entertainment for us as we are sat on the towpath with a glass or three of the red stuff.

IMG_5567Still sat out with even more wine and we now have the pleasure of this very bright full moon. If only the solar panels could charge off the Moon like they do with the Sun .

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Well no wonder the moorings are empty! That is a ridiculous price. For us it would £35.40!! More than Bristol Floating Harbour and Kings Lynn where you expect to pay. I guess less and less boaters will use the shop or pub. I don't mind being expected to be a patron on pub moorings, but that is just silly. Enjoy your entertainment. Jennie nb Tentatrice

  2. good blog nice pictures lovely weeping willow in one of the pictures x

  3. Hi Gary, it's Ray here, I will be leaving Keadby on Tuesday and heading to Torksey and eventually getting thru Nottingham about the weekend and then to Swanley Bridge moorings early next week. Not sure how far north you are coming but if you are coming that far it would be good to catch up

  4. I did wonder why there were signs saying Private Mooring there when we came through last month. New owners at the pub, I gather from village locals. I wonder if they'd had people taking the michael and staying there for days and decided to fight fire with some hot stuff...
    I agree with you re the long term moorings both sides up by the lock - we went through early in the morning and I wondered at the time how multiple boaters would cope.
    Cheers, Marilyn