Saturday, 15 July 2017

Testing open live writer



  1. Hi Gary and Carolyn,
    Not sure if it's helpful info, but we use Blogger and I often write my blog using MSWord and then copy and paste it into the new blog post, and then add the photos. I have also done it from writing it in an email and then copying it into the blog post. I never have to put the photos in first - that would be a nightmare as I have found I cannot insert lines between the photos, dammit, unless I already have text in place and can add a line (return) after the text.
    I'm a bit of a technophobe, or at the very least, I have no patience with technology that isn't instant, intuitive, easy. So David selected Blogger for me as the 'even an idiot can use it' option - isn't he a darling?
    Big hugs to you both, M&D xx

  2. Wow, a great scene for your test photo Gary.
    Much patience and time needed for writing an interesting blog and adding photos to it.
    I can sympathise with you on losing your blog, very frustrating isn't it?
    Anyway, welcome back now.
    Ann and CB

    1. Hi Ann and CB . Good to be back . I don't think people realise how long it takes to do a blog . I was at the point of packing it in ,but will carry on for now ...