Saturday, 20 December 2014

Good old Mr Tesco


IMG_5237After a few days above Church lock we dropped down into Leighton Buzzard and spent a couple of days moored just outside the town , but within easy walking distance for her Ladyship to get her retail therapy. One thing we always do before leaving Leighton is to pull around onto the Tesco moorings and fill up with heavy items. The Tesco store is built on the site where Morgan and company's works was used to assemble the WW1 Vickers Vimy which was a 2 engine bomber. As you can see the weather vane on the top of the store is in the shape of the Vimy bomber.

IMG_5251Of course the heavy items we buy are mainly Alcohol related and with Christmas coming soon it would be silly not to stock up. Its also the last time that we will be very close to a large supermarket . As we head North in the new year and turn left at Norton junction and down to Braunston and then north onto the Oxford canal, the next big supermarket near to the canal will be at Brownsover in Rugby. There are plenty of small village stores on the way which we do use , but sometimes you just need to do a big shop , well that's what Carolyn tells me. Of course there's always the Tesco delivery if we get desperate.

IMG_5260After leaving Leighton we had a day at Stoke Hammond and then on Friday after very high winds on Thursday we pulled pins at 09.10 and cruised towards Fenny Stratford. We passed this boat and its one of the most daftest exhaust setups I've ever seen. What happens when he goes through a lock ? or maybe he's a continuous moorer and never moves.

IMG_5264Another daft idea , a tent on the top of a Narrowboat.

IMG_5272Soon after mooring near the winding hole at Fenny ,Gary came along on his coal boat Ascot. After a cuppa and a chat we filled up with diesel and coal. The price of diesel is now lower than it has been in over 5 years which is great news for us as we are running the engine for longer everyday to charge the batteries. We now have half a ton of coal on board and if we can find some decent amounts of wood it should see us through to the end of the winter (fingers crossed). We will have a day or two here before moving on and passing through Milton Keynes.

                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. very good.not a boat to touch yours me thinks. saw val mc C all today she says o good another blog to look at she loves looking at your

  2. How many bloody bottles..........I thought u were on your own for Xmas Gary!!!!!!!! Quite a lot of lemonade as well!

  3. Only 65 bottles at the last count !!!!

  4. good. saw val mcgall to day she loves your blogs they love holidays on narrowboats she is a skittle mate always asks me how things with youon the boat

    1. Hi to Val ,,,Hope to meet up with her on the cut some day !!!!